Judy Swystun, VP Yellow Cab of Hampton with contest winners Colin Moody, Megan Hodges, and Mary C. McLaughlin Seys

Designs were submitted by college art students from across Hampton Roads. Six were chosen for a public vote, and over 1,500 votes were received from people all around the world. Our thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!


Here are your winners!

Second Place

Mary C. McLaughlin Seys
  • Riding Off Into The Sunset by Mary C McLaughlin Seys

    Riding Off Into The Sunset

  • Mary C McLaughlin Seys
  • Mary C. McLaughlin Seys

  • Virginia Wesleyan College

  • As long as i can remember, I’ve always wanted to draw. I am in my Junior year, as a Studio Arts Major at Virginia Wesleyan. Before coming to Virginia Wesleyan, I was a Studio Arts Major at the Visual Arts Center in Portsmouth. I raised my kids and I decided it was time to go back to school. I am the President of the Art Club at Virginia Wesleyan. One of my biggest accomplishments with the club was having our paintings displayed at the newly built Virginia Supportive Housing in Virginia Beach. We were asked to contribute art to be placed in the rooms of the formerly homeless. When I finish school, I’d like to open a studio for blossoming young artists.

Third Place

Colin Moody
  • City Life by Colin Moody

    City Life

  • Colin Moody
  • Colin Moody

  • Norfolk State University

  • As a child I read comic books which inspired me to create my own illustrated book when I was twelve years old. My illustrated book depicted heroic characters performing all imaginable feats, and solving all sorts of problems. As a child, I used my drawing skill as a way to stay out of trouble by creating an imaginary world where everything was possible. My art was my escape from street life, and my utopia.
  • I started pursuing an interest in graphic design in high school, creating artworks with narrative qualities. Currently, I am a mixed media artist working primarily in graphite, oil pastel and acrylic paint. I sometimes combine these media with my graphic design projects.
Photo by Bill Tiernan - The Virginian-Pilot

Photo by Bill Tiernan – The Virginian-Pilot

Renowned local muralist John Hickey brought the winner’s vision to life. Here’s a profile on John and his work.

Here’s what the building looks like now!

Yellow Cab Mural design by Megan Hodges. Mural painted by John Hickey.
Yellow Cab of Hampton